Bhardwaj Production offers a wide range of refurbished desktops starting from P4s,all the way to i7 processors. According to the customer’s requirement, Reboot has structured the desktops category into four segments namely Smart, Ultra, Turbo and Extreme. Reboot ensures quality and provides almost-new cosmetic look. These desktops are highly affordable.


Bhardwaj Production offers a wide range of Business Grade Refurbished Laptops with Core2Duo,i3,i5 and i7 processors. These robust laptops are high on performance and have a ‘just like new’ feel and look. All such advantages and benefits are available at a really affordable price.


Bhardwaj Production new product line features the Mobility devices. Currently, we only deal with apple products ,which includes iphones and iPads. We are in the process of expanding our portfolio to other brands as well.


Bhardwaj Production has a range of peripherals that augment the usage of desktop/laptops and other mobility devices. Some of our peripheral segment offerings are branded Keyboards, Mouse and Speakers. Such peripherals are available at affordable prices.